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Generation Saviour Association was founded by Ms. Amteshwer Kaur in the year 1996, in times when resources and initiatives were minimum in the field of Tobacco Control. The founder is a practising lawyer in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, with her first case being Public Interest Litigation to ban smoking in public places, as a result of which notice to Central and State Governments were issued. With the passing years the army against smoking and tobacco grew stronger with addition of various patrons from fields like education, administration and judiciary. The founder has been honoured by District Level Award from Roopnagar District and District Mohali for outstanding contribution to the society in field of tobacco control.

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Celebration of World No Tobacco Day, 2017

'World No Tobacco Day' observance brings worldwide awareness to the health risks associated with tobacco use, and reinforces the importance of effective strategies to reduce tobacco. The day is further intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco


How developed a nation is can be determined by looking at the health of the people of the country and also the condition of its women. Holding the statement true, there are enough evidences which show that existence of tobacco

Steps towards be Haryana a ‘Tobacco Free State’

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2009-10 23.7% adults in Haryana using tobacco in any form and among them 22.7% are daily tobacco users. Average age of daily initiation of tobacco use in the state is 18.5 years in adults

Factsheets: Comprehensive Assessment of Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 in 15 selected Districts of Punjab

According to GATS (Global Adult Tobacco Survey, India, 2009-10) India is 274.9 million, with 163.7 million users of only smokeless tobacco, 68.9 million only smokers, and 42.3 million users of both smoking and smokeless tobacco. Ironically 5500 people mainly children are picking up this habit of tobacco daily. (Government of India, 2010a). Currently around 2500 people are dying every day in India due to tobacco and its consequences. Every year nearly 8–9 lakh people die due to diseases related to tobacco use in India.

Punjab has 22 districts with approximately 27.74 million people living here. Considering the population of 2.75 Crores, 33 lakh population in Punjab uses tobacco in some form or the other. About 48 persons of Punjab die every day due to tobacco use (Government of India, 2010a; Government of India, 2010b).