According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) 2009-2010, 34.6% population in India is
consuming tobacco and out of them 14% (110.2 Millions) are smokers. Five out of ten (52.3%)
are exposed to second hand smoke at home and 29.0% at public places. According to Global
Youth Tobacco Survey, 2009-10 (GYTS), 21.9% of students are exposed to Second Hand Smoke
at their homes. The concept of “Smoke free Homes” (SFH) is to formulate the rule and moral
ethics to protect the vulnerable peoples from the second hand smoke (SHS) at homes. According
to the WHO in India 10% out of total deaths every by tobacco are due to the exposure of second-
hand smoke. Which is 80,000 to 1, 00,000 deaths per year. Tendency of smoking is declining at
workplaces due to strict action taken by the Government and public awareness activities but still
the most vulnerable place for the SHS exposure is Homes. Therefore, by declaring smoke free
home large number of innocent lives can be saved from SHS exposure. The concept of Smoke
Free Home is purely based on creating awareness among residents about SHS and self
declaration of their residence as ‘Smoke Free Home’. Generation Saviour Association started a
campaign to declare residential multi story buildings, apartments, colonies etc. by conducting
awareness meetings with the President, Secretary; workshops & camps for the residents and
workers. After the sensitization large numbers of residential societies are declared as Tobacco
Smoke Free Homes by their Presidents, Secretaries and residents. In support of the campaign an
advocacy meeting has been held with Secretary cum Labour Commissioner, Punjab and as the
result of it a DO letter issued to declare all constructed and under construction societies, colonies
as Tobacco Smoke Free Buildings. Highlighting the risk of Second Hand Exposure Principal
Secretary Health Ms. Anjali Bhawra, IAS also wrote a DO letter to Additional Chief Secretary
(Housing and Urban Development, Punjab) Ms. Vini Mahajan, IAS for the declaration of
existing and upcoming societies under PUDA, GMADA and GLADA as Tobacco Free.

Tobacco Smoke Free Homes
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