How developed a nation is can be determined by looking at the health of the people of the country and also the condition of its women. Holding the statement true, there are enough evidences which show that existence of tobacco use in the society is a hindrance to its growth and development. The main evidence for the same can b e summed up in the fact that nearly 80% of the world’s more than 1 billion smokers live in low and middle income countries, making the burden of tobacco related illness and death highest.poster-hi-res-compressed (1)

The tobacco epidemic is killing more than 7 million people a year, where more than 6 million deaths are directly because of use of tobacco and the remaining due the diseases caused due to exposure of non smokers to second hand smoke. These 7 million premature deaths deprive the victim’s families of income, rise in cost of health care, reducing productivity of the working population of the country and hence hindering the economical development of the nation.
The economic burden of tobacco prevalence is not only restricted to cost involved due to premature deaths and increased health care cost but also in many countries, children and women from poor households are employed in the tobacco industries (specially small scale unorganized market). This employment makes the children employed vulnerable to the green tobacco sickness”, caused by absorbing nicotine through their skin from handling wet tobacco leaves.
Apart from the health and productivity hazards to the population of the nation, availability and increased supply of illicit tobacco products in the market results in the increased loss of revenues of the governments too. Thus the presence of tobacco in any nation have a huge burden on the nation’s development, hence continuous efforts should be made and is being made to eliminate the menace of tobacco from our surroundings. So let us all on this World No Tobacco Day pledge to work collectively in removing this evil from our immediate surroundings to bring about a change at the macro level of the nation.


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