Children's addiction to nicotine from cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco (chew),cigars, hookahs (water pipes), and vaping (using e-cigarettes) is a major public health problem across globe. Tobacco is considered to be a "gateway drug" which may lead to alcohol, marijuana, and other illegal drug use. Studies reveal that the earlier a person starts smoking, the greater the risk to his or her health and the harder it is to quit. There are scientific evidences that support that Nicotine, found in e-cigarette vapors and tobacco products, is very addictive and increases a person’s risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Also, Smoking worsens existing medical problems, such as asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Therefore, it becomes very important to spread awareness among children about the ill effects of tobacco and tobacco products. For realizing Generation Saviour Association’s dream for a TOBACCO FREE GENERATION, we believe that there is need to aware our younger generations about the ill effects of tobacco and tobacco products. Team GSA educated students and staff of various schools across the State of Haryana about the risks and harms of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Interactive sessions, awareness drives and rallies were organized in Haryana.

Awareness of School Children: A Way to Tobacco Free Generation

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