Public-Interest Litigation is litigation for the protection of the public interest. In Indian law, Article 32 of the Indian constitution contains a tool which directly joins the public with judiciary. A PIL may be introduced in a court of law by the court itself (suo motu), rather than the aggrieved party or another third party. For the exercise of the court’s jurisdiction, it is not necessary for the victim of the violation of his or her rights to personally approach the court. In a PIL, the right to file suit is given to a member of the public by the courts through judicial activism. The member of the public may be a non-governmental organization (NGO), an institution or an individual. The Supreme Court of India, rejecting the criticism of judicial activism, has stated that the judiciary has stepped in to give direction because due to executive inaction, the laws enacted by Parliament and the state legislatures for the poor since independence have not been properly implemented.

Generation Saviour Association was founded by Ms. Amteshwer Kaur in the year 1996, in times when resources and initiatives were minimum in the field of Tobacco Control. The founder is a practicing lawyer in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, with her first case being Public Interest Litigation to ban smoking in public places, as a result of which notice to Central and State Governments were issued. With the passing years the army against smoking and tobacco grew stronger with addition of various patrons from fields like education, administration and judiciary. The founder has been honored by District Level Award from Roopnagar District and District Mohali for outstanding contribution to the society in field of tobacco control. The founder has also been the elected councilor and ex Senior Vice President of the Municipal Council Mohali for two consecutive terms. She is also member of District Tobacco Control Cell, Mohali, which makes her an important stakeholder of the tobacco control in district.