resource_centerIndia is the second largest producer of tobacco worldwide and ranks fourth in total tobacco consumption.About half of all continuing smokers will die prematurely as a result of their addiction.Despite the numerous public reports on the risks of smoking, studies show that a large number of smokers have inadequate knowledge of the health effects of smoking.
Knowledge of the health risks of smoking is even lower among people with low income and fewer years of education because of limited access to information about the hazards of smoking.
Warning labels have been found to inform smokers about the health hazards of smoking, encourage smokers to quit, and prevent nonsmokers from starting to smoke.Warning labels on tobacco products are an ideal way of communicating with smokers.
•Warning labels decrease the attractiveness and appeal of cigarettes and help to create an environment where non-smoking is the norm.
•Strong warning labels also counter the alluring and persuasive images the tobacco industry uses to market their products.